Our Partners

GRM Circuits


GRM Circuits works with its customers to deliver printed circuit boards and provide services exactly as they request.
Our flexible production services can accommodate prototyping, medium and large production runs for all types of PC boards. GRM Circuits also performs electrical testing, including impedance testing.

Cygnex Microscopes


Cygnex Microscopes has developed a line of microscopes as well as enhanced inspection systems using LCD screens. Being in the era of miniaturization, visual amplification is now a must in order to have a clear view of what we are putting on the market. There is also the issue of having board manufacturing and assembly being done abroad where it is often difficult to explain in words what we want. Infimus can supply systems to exchange amplified pictures as seen through a microscope.



Simbol is your single source supplier for all your test and measurement requirements. We are affiliated with a number of companies to offer our customers quality products at the right price. On top of test equipment, we also specialize in optical consumables supplies such as patch cords, cleaners, adapters, VOAs... We can act as a broker to source used and new equipment.

Asset Relay


AssetRelay is the division of Simbol Test Systems inc. specializing in the refurbishing and sales of second hand Optical and Telecom Test Equipment.



PhotonCom is the division of Simbol Test Systems inc. in repair and calibration of Test Equipment; mostly telecom and optical.

Regroupement de l’Industrie Électronique (RIÉ)


The Regroupement de l’Industrie Électronique (RIE) seeks to regroup all participants from the electronic industry in order to promote its members’ interests and stimulate the industry. The RIE’s mission is to create a solid platform of convivial meetings and exchanges which will give everyone a chance to improve and develop new business opportunities.